Microelectronics and electronic hardware production have become more affordable and user-friendly so almost anyone with basic programming skills can start implementing their ideas. “Do It Yourself” electronics are easy to program but still require a decent knowledge and experience in electronics engineering to efficiently and qualitatively solve any particular task.

A recent increase in popularity of a DIY approach to creating personalized solutions and the Maker movement in particular creates a demand for products that are versatile enough to solve different tasks but can also save time on common time consuming processes.

TWINHEX is a hardware company that specialises on developing ready-to-use DIY electronic solutions. By targeting problems, that users frequently face in their projects, we offer solutions that have all the necessary elements and circuitry for a safe, simple and reliable operation. This way, it is even easier to implement ideas as engineering skills become less of a bottleneck. Users can dedicate their valuable time to tinkering with their ideas.