Twinhex ANT

Twinhex ANT is a palm-size Arduino compatible board based on 32-bit ARM Cortex-M3 processor from ST electronics with improved controllable DC power outputs.


  • Robotics: short circuit and reverse current protection enables it to control DC and stepper motors and simultaneously process signals from sensors.
  • LED lights: 8 Powerful Outputs can be used in dynamically controlled LED lighting solutions. Power lines can simultaneously hold up to 8000 light emitting diodes.
  • Smart Home: power equipment, actuators, locks and relays can be controlled with this board within different home automation solutions.

Main features of the board

  •       ARM® Cortex®-M3 STM32F103 microcontroller
  •       Programmable built-in USB-UART
  •       Compatible with Arduino IDE
  •       USB-slave hardware
  •       Additional ESD protection for the programming port
  •       Self-resetting fuses for power from USB
  •       VIN reverse polarity protection
  •       Arduino® compatible connector
  •       Controlled LED indicator
  •       Powerful pulse voltage regulator 5 V / 1.7 А
  •       4 powerful upper keys (P-Channel MOSFET) up to 10 А
  •       4 powerful lower keys (N-Channel MOSFET) up 10 А
  •       Switch-on indication for upper and lower keys
  •       Protection from the short-through condition in the H-bridge mode
  •       Convenient power connectors
  •       Direct connection of servo motors


The board uses a microcontroller ARM® 32-bit Cortex®-M3 STM32F103C8T6 which works at the clock speed up to 72 MHz. Computational power of the controller is sufficient for solving most of the tasks, related to controlling motors.

You can connect to the board two DC motors, one step motor or 8 separately controlled channels of total power up to 225W.

The board has a switching power supply which provides 5V with current up to 1700 mA when connected to an external power source. This is enough for powering controller, couple of servo motors and other additional modules.

Technical specification

Absolute maximum ratings

Indicator Minimum Maximum
Supply voltage VIN 7* 15 V
Supply current VIN 15 A
H1-H4, L1-L4 output current (at VIN > 7V) 10** A
Switching frequency H1-H4, L1-L4 700 kHz
Output current 5V (at VIN > 7V) 1700 mA
Output current 3V3 (at VIN > 7V) 700 mA
Output current 5V (at VIN = 0V, power supplied through USB) 400 mA
Output current 3V3 (at VIN = 0V, power supplied through USB) 400 mA
Input voltage for 5V tolerant pins -0.3 5.5 V
Input voltage for 3.3V tolerant pins -0.3 3.6 V

* if voltage is below 9V LED indicators of keys H1-H4, L1-L4 may not work properly, but this does not affect the stability of the board.

** total output current of H1-H4, L1-L4 should not exceed the supply current VIN.

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