Twinhex PROTO

Twinhex PROTO is a prototyping shield suitable for many DIY projects offering both flexibility and unique convenient ready-to-use solutions. It allows makers to experiment and create own circuits from scratch. At the same time, the key peculiarity of the shield is that it is designed to perfectly fit din rail mounting carrier (model Kradex DIN6 Z101, size fits 3 circuit breakers), which makes the shield the best basis for smart home projects. 


Depending on the needs of the specific project, Twinhex PROTO can be used as a basis for designing customized development boards or combining different electronic components to connect to existing board.

Possible use

Custom circuits, ‘smart’ circuit breakers for home.

Technical overview

Twinhex PROTO has a grid of through holes, 2.54 mm pitch both horizontally and vertically. Diameter of the holes is 0.9 mm, allowing to use most components that need to be assembled through holes. 

All the holes are metalized as this significantly improves mechanical fastening of the components to the boards and allows to use through holes as solderable pads and vice versa. 

On the top layer between the holes there are metalized horizontal traces, and on the lower layer there are vertical traces. This solution allows to connect two joints with few drops of solder rather than using additional mounting wires. 

The holes with 5.08 mm pitch have the increased diameter of 1.3 mm and are connected to the nearest octagonal through holes in the standard layout area, which allows to easily solder and connect terminals. Improved shape of the solderable joints ensures better mechanical lasting.

Getting started

As simple and convenient as it may be – Twinhex PROTO will allow you to experiment and create your own projects.

Each Twinhex PROTO undergoes strict quality control to provide you the best experience when working on the project and reliable solutions to be used in daily life.


  • More than 900 metalized through holes with diameter of 0.9 mm, 2.54 mm pitch;
  • Horizontal and vertical traces for easier soldering between the rows of holes;
  • 23 holes with increased diameter of 1.3 mm pitch 5.08 mm situated on different sides of the shield (17 plus 6) and connected to the nearest octagonal through holes in the standard layout area;
  • 4 screw holes size M3 to attach the shield to any suitable surface/case;
  • Size (Length x Width) – 89.5 x 83.5 mm
  • Weight – 24 gr.


Useful links

Perfectly fits case for din rail from Kradex DIN6 Z101