Twinhex UNO

Whether you would like to program devices from scratch, design or recreate a DIY project, or you are interested in module electronics – explore Twinhex UNO, which is amongst the best basics for makers to develop and experiment.
Twinhex UNO is a high-quality development board providing wide opportunities for both – beginners who have only
started their way in programming, and professionals who seek for the suitable microcontroller for advanced projects.


The board acts as a key logic module for ‘smart’ projects, as it can read information from sensors and control other devices.

Possible use

Weather station, controlled robot, automatic plant watering system, motion detector, mini server, industrial automatics, controlled light show, piano, security and emergency shutdown systems, mini-fridge, eggbot, air quality tester, watch, twitter bot, Tetris, exoskeleton, clothes with built-in LEDs etc.

Technical overview

The board is based on the microcontroller ATmega328P with Clock Speed of 16 MHz, ensuring quick work and high productivity.

32 KB of Flash Memory together with 2 KB SRAM and 1 KB EEPROM is sufficient for writing, saving and executing variety of programs, needed for the most complex DIY projects.

Twinhex UNO has 14 digital pins, including 6 PWM output, and 6 analog pins, enabling to connect different sensors, control mechanisms and interact with other devices. 

The board is powered through the built-in micro USB for convenience and multi-purpose usage. Main peculiarity of the board is power mode switch, which allows to choose between two options: 5V is suitable for the most widely spread modules in popular projects and 3.3V is more suitable for the newest high-precision sensors.

A 16-bit and two 8-bit timers will help to accurately adjust the timing of the project and execute programs independently.

Twinhex UNO supports interfaces SPI, I2C and USART, ensuring you can use the board in a variety of different projects. The board has a USB-UART convertor on the micro circuit CP2102, which facilitates communication with any computer you use.

Getting started

With Twinhex UNO programming is simple and convenient as the board supports the Arduino integrated development environment offering a lot of libraries and examples of ready projects, together with a big DIY community to share and discuss your ideas. For more convenience Twinhex UNO has an instruction on quick start in the Arduino IDE. 

Each Twinhex UNO board undergoes strict quality control to provide you the best experience when working on the project and reliable solutions to be used in daily life.


  • Microcontroller: Atmega328P;
  • Clock Speed: 16 MHz;
  • Operating Voltage (switchable): 3.3 or 5 V;
  • Input Voltage of external power source: 7-25 V;
  • Number of Pins: 20, including
    • 6 digital PWM I/O Pins;
    • 6 ADC Pins;
  • Resolution of ADC: 10 bits;
  • Flash-Memory: 32 KB (of which 0.5 KB used by bootloader);
  • SRAM: 2 KB;
  • EEPROM: 1 KB;
  • DC Current for 5V and 3.3V Pins: up to 490 mA;
  • Digital interfaces: 1xSPI, 1xI2C, 1xUART;
  • Size (Length х Width х Hight): 68.6 x 53.3 x 11.7 mm;
  • Weight: 19.8 gr.

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